Every kitchen needs to be family friendly. Not only are kitchens usually the most popular room in the house, they also require thorough attention to detail and the most planning during the design and installation process. We can do a small job from replacing the countertop to a full remodel. We will design your dream kitchen with consideration to your taste, budget, and concerns.


You have made it to our website because you are ready to start building your dream kitchen. Now you want to know where to start.

  • Gather some inspirational kitchens snapshots: Browse through magazines, websites (like Houzz), etc. to find a couple kitchens you like. You may like the color scheme or the specific sink or layout. Just gather all these pieces of information in one spot. If you’ve browsed and still have no ideas, don’t worry! Our designers will help you once they meet you.
  • Set up an appointment: Give us a call at 301-335-4749 or email us at and set up an appointment for your free kitchen remodel estimate.
  •  Meeting of the minds: At the appointment, the designer will meet with you to check out the space, measure the space, find out your budget and sit down with you to find out what your dream kitchen looks like. The designer will provide design tweaks if necessary. If you don’t know what you want, our designer will ask some questions to get an idea of your style and taste, how you use your kitchen, and provide a rough design to start out with. From there, both of you can work to adjust the design to be your dream kitchen.
  • Choose your material: Once the design of the kitchen is finalized, you will meet with the designer to finalize the materials: countertops, cabinets, backsplash, paint, tile, etc.
  • Sign the contract: With design and material finalized, a formal estimate will be reviewed with you to ensure all details for the project are captured and the payment schedule is set. After you sign the contract, a timeline will be finalized for when the project will start.
  • The messy part: Our professional crew will arrive at your house to complete your project. How long will they be making a mess at your house? Depends on your project. But don’t worry! They clean up after themselves and leave the project clean and beautiful, ready for you to enjoy.
  • Party time! Now your project’s finished and all you have to do is set up for the party to show off your dream kitchen completed by Kitchen and Bath Concepts in Rockville, MD.